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In an effort to encourage others to support local and small “Pagan” businesses and artists, thereby strengthening the overarching “Pagan” community, I have compiled a list of shops by practitioners, for practitioners. I have done business with quite a few of the following before. Not all of these businesses and artists are strictly Kemetic or Heathen, if “Pagan” at all, though those that aren’t exactly “Pagan” do cater to “Pagans.”

This list will be regularly updated.

Last Updated : 6th of December, 2014

13 Moons — 13 Moons has a fairly large selection, and they’re based in Johnson City, in Southern New York State. To my knowledge, they do not have a physical storefront. I’ve ordered mugwort from them before, and inasmuch as my experience with them goes, their standard of quality is high. They tend to cater more toward Wiccan and New Age sensibilities, if that’s your thing.

Abaxion — Abaxion, a Californian business, has a truly massive selection of ritual supplies, from statuary to jewelry to tools. It has a New Age slant, but they cater to a number of different tastes and traditions. I’ve done business with them numerous times, and they have excellent customer service.

Ankh Holistic Healers — All-natural, herb-based hair and body care products made with Kemetics in mind.

The Aruniverse — A good place to go for sweet altar banners.

Asgard Crafts — Fine pewter ritual jewelry and “Celtic” and Viking amulets. Based in the UK.

Chiappori Arts – When it comes to flawless, correct custom devotional papyri in hieratic, statues, amulets, shrines, and more, Peter Chiappori is the absolute best. He creates all of his work by hand through traditional artisanal methods, to traditional Kemetic standards and the standards of his discerning customers. His commission fees are exceptionally reasonable, considering the time and materials these methods require. The finished product(s) are fit for a House of Eternity, having been created by pious, extremely knowledgeable hands.

His skill is not confined merely to Kemetic arts and crafts, and will more than likely be willing to bring your designs and concepts to life. He strives for excellence, and for his patrons to be satisfied, returning patrons. Be aware, however, that these pieces are handcrafted, and sometimes take weeks, if not months, to create.

Dancing Heron — The art of illustrator Jennifer Cox. She creates stunning prints of Egyptian mythological scenes, as well as scenes and tales from Hellenic Mythology. Perfect for the shrine room.

De Baun Fine Ceramics — Raku incense burners, shrines, bowls, and more.

Per Djeba Marketplace — Mendesian oil, natron, kapet (kyphi) bath salts, and other items of this nature may be found here, crafted by Kemetics. The marketplace is attached to the non-profit organization Per Djeba.

Dragonscale Arts — Beautiful and affordable amulets. Kemetics, “Celtic” Recons, and Norse Polytheists may find something of interest here, if any are in the market for such things.

Elemental Enchantments — Beautiful, affordable, customized handmade shrine boxes. Travel sizes and home shrine/altar sizes available, to suit a wide range of budgets and tastes.

Giselbertus — Purveyor of handcrafted Fertility Goddess statuary. Katharina makes absolutely gorgeous statues. It isn’t a collection of cookie-cutter “The Goddess” statues, as one typically finds at most Pagan shops. She creates everything from Cycladic votives to Mayan reproductions to tribal African statues. — Another general source for statuary, jewelry, and ritual tools. It is oriented more toward a Wiccan/New Age audience, but those who don’t identify with either might still be able to find something useful there.

The Green Wolf — For the Hedgewitch and Neo-Shaman, offering a wide array of supplies. Her leather pouches and animal ritual headdresses are created using salvaged and recycled animal skins, bone, etc. She can only ship products containing animal fur within the USA.

Hexes From Texas — Gloria Dillard of Katy, TX specializes in handmade Pennsylvania-Dutch style folk magic (Hexerei) roundels and plaques designed to attract good fortune and ward off evil from one’s home. They’re very beautifully done.

Imbas Creations — The Gaelic-influenced spiritual art of Ingrid Houwers.

Liminal Threads — Beautifully embroidered cloths, banners, and bags by Maria.

The Mad Plaquer — Shrine boxes, plaques, and witchy details, all handmade.

Mengloth’s Market — A Northern Tradition Pagan shop that sells handmade goods.

Nethersphere/AntlerThorn — Stunning Euro tribal and “totemic” art by Stephanie Lostimolo. Inspired predominantly by corvids and nocturnal themes.

Norse West — Viking jewelry, art, and ritual items. My husband had his portable antler faining hammer made by Norse West. They’re good people.

NYC Spellbinders — An Etsy store that specializes in more New Age-y Heathen rune sets and amulets, and is also a purveyor of organic herbs. I purchased several ounces of Turkish myrtle leaves from them for tea blends. It was potent stuff, and I highly recommend them for herbs — their selection in herbs, however, is limited.

Pagan-Idols by Geoff Soderberg — A phenomenal painter and sculptor. He makes a lot of art referencing popular American culture, and tons of macabre pieces, but he also makes religious icons. He is usually open to commissions.

Phytognosis — A purveyor of resins, herbs, oils, woods, and incenses. Excellent quality. Jeremy’s kapet (kyphi) is positively wonderful!

Ravyn’s Nest — The artist and proprietor of this Etsy shop makes charming and very well-painted wooden chests, cases, and boxes of various styles, shapes, and colors. Ideal for travel shrines, if you are disinclined to paint up your own.

Replik — This German business makes unique, hard-to-find “Celtic,” Viking, Slavic, and Egyptian reproduction amulets.

Sacred Source — More icons and jewelry.

Shadow of the Sphinx — Nicolas creates lovely miniature Kemetic icons and altar votives. His prices are rather reasonable, and he does take commissions.

Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle — Creators of historical Viking clothing. Ideal for Heathen ritual wear.

Sulik — Affordable Norse and Slavic reproduction jewelry.

Tears of Isis — Kemetic products and services. You can buy cleansing baths and handmade natron from this website.

Tunics — The name says it all. Ideal for (Heathen) men’s ritual wear.

Urweg — Beautifully-crafted, heirloom-quality tribal Viking jewelry. Their skill in metalsmithing is unmatched, though be forewarned, high price tags abound.

Viking Shield — Paul Borda’s (Dryad Design) discontinued Norse God statues can be found here. I understand they’re in high demand and low supply.

The Vodou Store — For all things Hatian Vodou, Hoodoo, and Conjure. The Vodou Store also makes customized 7-day candle labels and prayer cards. Jeff Cullen‘s superb custom sculptures may also be commissioned here.


13 thoughts on “Support the Pagan Community — Shop Pagan!”

  1. I would recommend Sacred Source ( and GoddessGift ( if you can refrain from rolling your eyes at the blurbs they have for each product. I haven’t ordered anything from either of them but I sent them an email about a broken link/out of stock statue and they were really good about responding to me

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I will add them.

      Heh, yeah, product descriptions on Pagan sites are often gag-worthy. But it’s the quality of the products and/or services they are selling, not so much an accurate retelling of “The Lore™,” so I’m a bit more tolerant with product sites than I am with articles or blogs. :P

  2. I noticed I’ve had a couple visits to my shop, Ravyn’s Nest, that originated from here and I came to check it out! I’m so very honored to be on your list of pagan shops!! I will be sure to check out the others on the list. And I’ve got to read your blog now :) Thank you so much for including me, and the very kind words about my work xD I really should update my own blog! I’ve been so busy it’s fallen through the cracks! But thank you again, so much :)

  3. thank you for mentioning my etsy shop <3 i'm doing a 12 Days of Yule sale starting December 1st…free shipping with the code HEXSHIPFREE at checkout. thanks again :)

  4. If I may make a humble suggestion: there’s the listing page for (almost) all of my books, The Red Lotus Library, if you’d be interested in adding that to the above.

    • And, while I’m thinking of it, my other book, as well as many others, are available via Bibliotheca Alexandrina, too.

      • I’m sorry it’s taken me over a month to reply to your posts on this page. Slipped my mind; my bad.

        Within the next few weeks, I’m going to make a page for “Pagan” publishing houses and where you can buy theological works, etc. Because I don’t feel that books quite fit under this category and deserve their own. I’ll add it there. :3

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