About the Authoress


S e d j f a i e m i t u i
( S a r d u r
í u r  F r e y d í s  S v e r r e s d a t t e r )

I am a Medieval Studies major and Art History minor, and a former and returning Classical/Ancient Near Eastern Studies major and Aesthetics (Philosophy, Theology) minor. I have spent time studying both in Northwestern Europe through American “study abroad” programs, and at Binghamton University in Southern New York State.

In terms of religion, I am a multitraditional polytheist revivalist. I am a pan-Ancient Near Eastern Polytheist, and a Shemsu within the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer.

My Reddit handle is Erra-Epiri, an Akkadian name which means “Erra is my Provider.”

3 thoughts on “About the Authoress”

  1. Sorry if this isn’t the place for it, but I tagged you in one of those blog question thingies: http://wp.me/p2KZZt-72

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