A recent photograph of my Sobek icon.
According to the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, I Akhet 7 falls on the 9th of August, 2015, and is a feast-day of Sobek. This is one of four feast-days of Sobek in I Akhet — I Akhet 9, 11, and 17 are the remaining three. Incidentally, “The Welcoming of the Inundation” coincides with the first feast of Sobek of the year.

I have combined this feast of Sobek with The Welcoming of the Inundation as a single celebration, and consonantly composed an utterance which extols Sobek as Creator, Fearsome Lord of All, and as God of the Inundation.

The Egyptian “transliterese” is given first, followed by its English approximation:

Inedj her Sobek
Weben em Nun
Pa’uty Pesedjet aat
Nehemhem enef Tawy en senedjef
Hery iteruu negi Ra-Henet
Neb Tem
Hekaenef pet mehenef Tawy em useref
Dief ankh en ‘ashat

Sobek Hapy-Meht Hapy-Resyt
Heka em Netjeru
Redi en i wi her heti en senedj ek
senedjku en shefshefy ek

Sobek Nefer Iru
Meri Neb Merut Meruti
Tjai-Wer Ser-Seti:
Hotep ek en [NN] nefer her ek imyef em re pen

Hail to Sobek,
Rising from Nun,
The Primaeval Being of the Great Ennead
at Whom the Two Lands roar for fear of Him,
Master of Rivers Who Breaks Open Ra-Henet*,
Lord of All;
He rules the sky, He fills the Two Lands with His might!
He gives life to the masses!

Sobek, Hapy of the North and Hapy of the South,
Ruler amongst the Gods:
I place myself upon my belly for fear of You,
fearful of Your awe-inspiring terror!

Sobek, Beautiful-of-Manifestations,
Fighting Bull, Lord of Love, Well-Beloved One,
Great Male, Ejaculating Ram:
May You be at peace with [NN], who makes Your face happy on this day.


1.) According to Marco Zecchi in his text Sobek of Shedet: The Crocodile God in the Fayyum in the Dynastic Period (2010), p. 96, Ra-Henet is located at the Eastern entrance to the Faiyum. The “Break[ing] Open” (negi) is in reference to Sobek’s “making the flood pour out” from the Mer-Wer (“Great Canal;” that is, the Bahr Yussef connecting to the Nile) through el-Lahun (Ra-Henet), to inundate the entire region.