Nebet-Het. Art by Jeff Dahl.

The Goddess Nebet-Het. Art by Jeff Dahl.

According the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, the day marking Nebet-Het’s emergence into Creation falls on the 2nd of August, 2015, on the Gregorian calendar. This is the last of the “Five Days Outside Time,” following the days of WesirHeru-WerSet, and Aset. It is known as “The Day of the Child Who is in His Nest,” and the intercalary period it belongs to ends with the heliacal rising of Sopdet (Sirius) on the following day, which in turn marks the beginning of the New Year, Time Reborn : Wep Ronpet.

A prayer to be said on this day, with the lighting of a candle (green or white):

“O Nebet-Het, Daughter of Nut, Sister of Set: Look at Me, Father! You Who make Your Daughter healthy, Who is Steady of Face, I am the power of the Goddess in the womb of Her Mother Nut! Save me from any evil thing of this year, from any slaughter of this year, as You have prepared my protection.”

May you be spared from every plague and impurity of the intercalary time and the coming year by these prayers. May you rejoice in the birth of the New Year, and embrace the fresh opportunities it shall bring! Nekhtet!