Wesir Bronze

My bronze Wesir statuette, with the icon of the unity of Wesir-Re I repainted standing behind it.

It is the end of the Kemetic year according to the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, and the “Five Days Outside Time” — the Epagomenal Days — have commenced. This year, the 29th of July, 2015, on the Gregorian calendar is the day those of us who belong to and participate in the Kemetic Orthodox Temple celebrate the birth of Wesir (Osiris). Wesir’s birthday, also known as “The Day of the Pure Bull in His Field,” is on the first of these five days, followed by that of Heru-Wer (Heroeris), Set/Sutekh (Seth), Aset (Isis), and finally, Nebthet/Nebet-Het (Nephthys).

A short prayer to be said on this day, with the lighting of a candle (green or white) :

O Wesir, Bull in His Cavern Whose name is hidden from His mother and His children: Hail to You! I am Your son, Heru!