Greetings, dear readers! I am currently in the midst of playing catch-up on KRT posts and other articles long imprisoned in the draft folder, and am taking a little time out of working on those to do a little signal-boosting. Yule and several other Midwinter holidays are almost upon us, and we’re already well into the shopping season. I’m posting this in the hopes that my “Pagan” readers will consider supporting various “Pagan” communities by supporting their respective artists, businesses, and causes this month, and will remember to support them throughout the year.


As some of you may already know, the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer is seeking to raise funds for repairs to its main temple. The HoN is hoping to raise 3,000 USD by “Moomas” this year (December 25th), and is within 500 USD of its charted goal. For those of you not familiar with Kemetic Orthodoxy or HoN, you may read about it here. For those who are interested in donating to the HoN, you may read the options for donation here.

The contributors to the fundraiser provide goods and services which would make lovely gifts for the Kemetic or Egyptophile in your life. I, too, contributed some of my own handmade devotional jewelry pieces to the donation gifts pool — two of which have already been claimed — all of which may be viewed here. I will likely be adding a couple more pieces to the donation gifts pool in the coming week, so please stay tuned!


I have a standing list of “Pagan” artists and businesses, along with those businesses which are small and not explicitly “Pagan” but cater to those of a “Pagan” persuasion. You may browse this list here.

One of my Hellenic friends who writes over at Beloved in Light has also put up a number of hand-sculpted and painted shrine icons and jewelry pieces up for sale recently in her Etsy shop, Lykeia’s Botanica. She also has a facebook page, where you can keep up-to-date on her latest artistic projects.

Dver of A Forest Door is likewise having Yule sales at her shops.

Finally, I have some of my own work up for sale — mostly Ancient Near Eastern and Norse-themed jewelry — which may be found here. All transactions are done exclusively via paypal, as paypal provides perhaps the best buyer protection online. Please contact me via my blog email (which is NOT the same as my paypal email), listed in my “Ask Me!” section, if interested in purchasing, so we can work out the ordering details.


If any of my readers know of any “Pagan” artists, shops, or causes (non-racist, non-LGBTQA+-phobic, etc., naturally. Those brands of haterade do not flow here) they would like to be signal-boosted, feel free to post them in the comments section or reblog with commentary.

A blessed and prosperous Midwinter season to you all, happy holidays, and thank you for reading/signal boosting!