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"Set and Apep" by Sophia Shultz (badgersoph)

“Set and Apep” by Sophia Shultz

Hail, Majesty!
Hail, Powerful of Foreleg!
Hail, Lord of Terror over Heaven!
Hail, Conqueror, Lord of Hat-Waret!
Hail, Foreteller of Speech, coming forth from Wensy!
Hail, Gold-God, Whose throne is in Nubt!
Hail, Lord of the Oases, Who resides at Hebet!
Hail, Storm-Lord, Good Brother of Min, striding forth as strong bulls from Gebtu!
Hail, Lord of Djanet, at Whose approach Yamm despairs!
Hail, Champion of Ra, upon Whose spear the isfet-serpent is forever impaled!
Hail to You, Set, may You be praised!
You are Set, Lord Eternal:
You Who cannot perish, You shall never perish.
You Who is Lord of Excess, You shall never be deprived.
You Who cannot tire, You shall never tire.
The wise extol Your Greatness;
The powerful serve You;
The humble prostrate themselves before You;
The impudent with their broken backs and fettered limbs shod Your feet.