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Take up Your mantle of stars, Great Lady,
— You Who never tires, Lady of Terror, Queen of Night,
You Who mounts men and Gods like beasts from Your own pastures
Breaking Them between Your heavenly thighs,
Leaving Them crying for the pleasure of it all —
And assume Your throne above the Gods in Heaven.
With lions at Your lotus feet,
Men and Gods craning Their necks to behold Your Supreme Radiance,
The Mighty Queen of Heaven,
Their hearts swell with fear and longing to behold You,
Many Times Great and Powerful Ištar!
Your prowess cannot be denied, Impregnable One, neither in love nor war!
May Your praises be sung and sighed forever, You Who are coveted and envied;
May the lovers’ art, a reflection of Your infinite jewel, bring You pleasure,
May Your manifold blessings make sacred the beds where lovers join,
And may we who love and praise the great name of Ištar
Flourish under Your favor and never suffer beneath Your wrath.

"Ishtar," by Buisimtamyirmiharfli.

“Ishtar,” by Buisimtamyirmiharfli.