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"Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" by John Howe, 1995

“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” by John Howe, 1995

Christo-Paganism is a hot-button issue among many Pagan and Polytheist communities, and the tone of this piece is about to reflect that, hardcore. Echoing the spirit of Sannion’s brief and pithy post on priorities: let’s get a few things straight about Christo-Paganism, shall we?

  • Whether or not Jesus was a real person, much less a Divine being, is ultimately not your problem if you don’t worship Him.
  • Whether or not you want Christo-Pagans to exist as they do, they do.
  • Whether or not you agree with the nomenclature they use for themselves, they use it.
  • Whether or not you imagine their way of life threatens yours, it doesn’t.
  • Whether or not you support or advocate Christo-Pagan beliefs, they’re in the same mess we non-Jesus-worshiping Pagans and Polytheists are.
  • Whether you like it or not, their rights to practice the religion of their choosing/”calling” are just as important as ours, and we need to fight for them, too.
  • Whether or not you care for the “Abrahamic God,” He already has several religions — including the Semitic Polytheist traditions His worship evolved out of from the cults of Yahweh; Ba’l-Hadad; and El, husband of the Goddess Asherah — and no one is twisting your arm to participate in any of them.

Look, I get that people have had traumatic experiences with various forms of Monotheism, but stop whining about it, and stop yelling at Pagans and Polytheists for venerating Saints, or incorporating Arthurian elements into their religious worldview, or worshiping Jesus, El, Yahweh, or Whomever if and when they want to. It’s become more than a bit tiresome, and it’s not accomplishing anything worthwhile. Many Polytheists (myself included) who are attempting to construct historically-informed religious traditions based on Ancient models don’t want anachronistic Monotheist interpretations and practices mucking up the theology. That’s perfectly understandable. But ragging on Christo-Pagans? Come on. They’re not hurting you, or me, or anyone else. They already have the syncretist “warning sign” in the title, and they’re not forcing any of us to join their particular party. They’re hardly a “threat” to Paganism and Polytheism.

If someone wants to set up a shrine to Jesus next to their shrine to Odin, or practice some form of “Conversion Period” religion, that’s their business. Not mine. Not yours. Their business.


If you genuinely believe that others believing/practicing what they want to believe/practice is a persecution of your religion and way of life simply because theirs deviates from yours, and that it’s your right to impose your beliefs/practices on others, you’re behaving no better than the rabid Christian Evangelicals you claim to hate so much.

You know what is a threat to Paganism and Polytheism? Fractious infighting within the broader Pagan and Polytheist community. Intolerant legislative policies prohibiting the expression of various minority religions. Active, violent religious persecution.

Let’s get our priorities straight, people. We’re all adults here. It’s about damn time we started acting like adults.