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For those of you not familiar with the epic fail that is Zeitgeist, this bullshit has made the rounds repeatedly on the internet for years now:

None of this has any basis in historical nor theological fact whatsoever.

None of this has any basis in historical nor theological fact whatsoever. Please go to school, Zeitgeist. You are ignorant. Also, that’s not a picture of “Horus,” genius. That’s an image of Ra-Heruakhty.

Some Zeitgeist film or whatever has repeatedly claimed (without any substantive evidence whatever) that Christianity is somehow false, and all religions are false . . . or something . . . because Jesus is modeled upon all these “Pagan Christs.” And then proceeds to forge “facts” about these alleged “Pagan Christs.”

And that chaps my hide.

Anyone with any knowledge of World Religions knows this Zeitgeist stuff is just . . . completely inane. Entirely fallacious. Categorically false. Even paranoid Evangelicals know that Jesus’ birth did not occur in the winter, and that Christmas was never a Christian holiday. And even Modern Roman Catholics cede that the reason for December 25th being touted as the “official date of the birth of Christ” has to do with early conversion efforts under Pope Gregory I, and early Christianity’s bitter competition with the cult of Sol Invictus and the cult of Mithras, the latter of which being a somewhat-exclusive and very Late Antique Mystery cult so popular within the Roman Empire, which may or may not be connected to the much earlier Persian cult of Mithra. Furthermore, if one pays attention to Christian Scripture, and the astronomical events as perceived from Earth’s surface that are represented in Christian Scripture, the constellations in view at that latitude during the mythic event of Jesus’ birth would place that birth at some point during early spring on the Julian calendar. All that said, the resurrection of Christ — Easter — was always of the greatest import within various Christianities for most of their histories; “Christmas,” on the other hand, has only in the last few centuries become at all popular and/or theologically important for (Western) Christians.

I think that should be enough of an explanation as to why the Zeitgeist assessment / utter failure at Comparative Mythology is horrendously, anger-inducingly, painfully wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. But, if that is not sufficient, by all means, check into your local library and do some research on World Religions. Gods forbid anyone pick up a book and culturally enrich oneself for a change, instead of basing the entirety of one’s “knowledge” on one very poorly-made film.

Taking the lemons Zeitgeist has produced and making lemonade, here are some winning examples of the “Horus Jesus” counter-meme my friends Devo, Helms, Qefat, Aubs and I created, complete with allusions to the most entertaining moments of the popular satirical gem of Egyptian literature, The Contendings of Heru and Set. The shoe having been placed on the other foot, hopefully this will help others realize how anachronistic, foolish, and downright factually incorrect Zeitgeit is. Enjoy.

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