Upholding Ma'at

I got some of this idea from pinterest (by the way, if you have one and want a little peak into my creative process, follow me) and thought a festival calendar would be cute.  I used the Epagomenoi, and included a tag for the intercalary month, for this project.


What you’ll need:

Ribbon, 2 feet

1 dowel rod, 1 foot

7 wall hanging eyelets

1 gift tag template

Cardstock (I actually used empty tea boxes. Mmmmm, jasmine tea!)



Decoupage glue / sealant

Pens, colored pencils, etc.

Hole punch

Beading wire, 20 gauge

Jewelery wire cutters (admittedly I used scissors for this, but I don’t recommend this as it can dull the scissors)

Needle nose pliers



The Calendar Tags

1.  Trace out seven gift tags. If you don’t know where to find them, googlemancy can help.

2.  Cut out the tags. Repeat with the paper.

3. …

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