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To be said by a serviceman’s lover or spouse:

Behold, my beloved
[Name] strides across the battlefield unscathed.
Look how Montu’s wings embrace [name], shining!
Montu’s feathers are his armor, invincibly clad of Heaven,
Deflecting death.
Look how Montu’s horns are before him,
Clearing the path before [name].
Yinepu’s emissaries guard [name] on all sides.
Sicknesses retreat from [name] at the snarls of the Great Jackal,
The Great Physician.

Set and Heru-Wer are his arms,
Indomitable Twins striking death-blows.

[Name] is spared from all wounds.
Deadly serpents obey [name],
Scorpions turn their needles to the eyes of his enemies!
Foreign lands do not consume him.
The skies do not knock him about.
The waters do not swallow him up.
[Name] returns.
[Name] returns.
[Name] returns.