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For The Netjer

 The offering of incense to the Gods in daily devotionals is a major part in quite a few Pagan paths, even more so for Egyptian Pagan paths, as incense offerings were made on a daily basis in ancient Egypt and scent played such an important part in temples, daily life and magical workings.

 Incense was identified with the Eye of Horus returned in a good state of health by Thoth himself, after being torn apart in the great battle with Seth and each time the incense drifts towards the statue or image of the Netjer, the return of the Eye is re-enacted.

The words to be spoken during the offerings of incense are as follows:

‘The incense comes, the incense comes.

The scent is over thee,

The scent of the eye of Horus is over thee.

The perfume of the goddess Nekhbet

Which comes forth from the town of Nekheb,

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