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A short articulation of heka I wrote in mind for two of my loved ones, I have here written [name] so that others may use this heka if and however they wish. Write it on the underside of an origami bird to “seal” and “give wings to” the heka, or write it on a piece of paper and place it under an icon to Set or Heru-Wer or Bawy — though there are virtually endless ways to physically articulate heka.

Four is the Kemetic number of completion, and I generally use four days as a rule of thumb when it comes to leaving tangible articulations of heka in my shrine.

Set and Heru-Wer shall stand beside [name],
The Great Polarities, Warrior-Brothers, Indomitable Twins,
They shall defend [name] on all sides from all harm,
Seen and Unseen, Created and Uncreated:
Great Wings, Theirs shall envelop [name],
Great Speech, Theirs shall bless [name],
Great Strength, Theirs shall uplift [name].
Bawy will do justice and subdue all violence against [name];
Bawy will fulfill for [name] Ra’s promise of a new day.