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Apedemak, Vladimir PecharApedemak, by Vladimir Pechar

I just recently came across a 20th century artist from the Czech Republic. I’m not certain as to whether he is still alive, or if he is deceased. Probably deceased, since his high point occurred during the mid-1960s, apparently. At any rate, he created art depicting the Gods of Kemet — really good art, I might add. I don’t particularly care for his paintings, though others might. I respect his innovative painting techniques rather than the aesthetic of the finished product.

I’m infinitely more drawn to the aesthetic of his wrought metal plate reliefs, such as the “Apedemak” piece shown above. They depict some of the more under-represented deities, and are pieces I would one day like to recreate, if I ever pursue a career in metalsmithing.

Other examples of his artwork may be found here.