Sutekh's lovely new statue, basking in the resplendence of the violently-colorful floral offering I made.

The temporary shrine setup has been made slightly less temporary. The statues match now, at least in terms of their coloration. Sobek’s 16″ statue still towers over all; it can’t be helped, seeing as a 12″ statue is about as large as it gets for poor old “Dad.” Still, it looks and feels a lot more symmetrical and balanced, now. I temporarily moved the iron pillar to the far left of the shrine (not shown) to make way for the flowers I offered the morning I took this photograph.

I also invested in palm wax jar candles. More expensive, but made of ethically traded and pure materials. Burns cleaner, and longer. No icky paraffin wax or anything harmful to the lungs.

In a few months’ time, I’ll (hopefully) have the shrine moved into a proper cabinet with bolted doors.

Although, to be honest, I rather enjoy having the shrine “open.” I like being able to see Them right before I go to bed each night, and when I wake up every morning (limited space keeps the Gods in my bedroom. There are worse places to be, to be sure). Plus, not having Their icons shuttered away helps, in terms of ensuring that I don’t ever forget about Them. I may end up moving it to a generous bookcase instead. I have plenty of time to decide, either way.