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I’m beginning my Kemetic entries with a few devotionals/prayers I wrote myself. My devotionals are my own way of both addressing and praising the Gods, and opening and concluding ritual. Prayer books are never a bad idea, especially if you don’t know where to start, or how to address a deity. By the same token, I encourage others to write their own poetry or prayers for the Gods of their understanding; that in and of itself is a great offering.

The first of these devotionals is dedicated to Sutekh, with Whom I have long shared a very . . . strong relationship (that may or may not be discussed in greater depth at a later date).

Hail, Mighty Sutekh!
O Thou Red Rager of Great Exuberance,
Who tore Himself with violence from Nut’s Womb,
O Thou of Thousandfold Strength,
O Thou Insurmountable Spearman
Who mans the prow of the Boat of a Million Years,
Bane of vile Apep!
My heart is ever-humble before Thee
And sings Thy praises ceaselessly,
For Thy love is jealous
And terrible in its beauty,
For Thou art the Voice of Thunder before Whom the Heavens tremble,
And Lord of the Northern Sky;
For Thou art Warmaster
And Lord of  Shemau.
My heart is a living shrine to Thee,

For Thou art the Unbreakable Pillar
At the Eye of the Vicious Storm,
The Dazzler Who lingers in the Wind,
The fruitful gem within barren rock,
My Divine Father.
Dua Sutekh!