Praises of Netjer Contest 2016


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As part of an ongoing fundraising project, the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer is holding the second annual Praises of Netjer contest.

For last year’s contest, the three deities Who received the most votes had tees designed for Them by A’Aqytsekhmet — which can still be purchased. Neit, Who came in first place, had a painting by A’Aqytsekhmet dedicated for Her at the Tawy House shrine, as well as a devotional song written and performed for Her by Sarytsenuwi. Heqet and Montu, Who received the second and third highest number of votes, had custom tees made featuring Their images.

This year, the format is much the same: the deity Who gets the most votes will have a song dedicated to Them that will be featured on Sarytsenuwi’s upcoming album, and He or She will be featured on the album cover art by A’Aqytsekhmet. The album cover art will also be made available as custom tees. The deities with the second and third highest number of votes will also have songs on Saryt’s album dedicated to Them.


  • You may only cast one vote per day.
  • You may only cast your vote for Egyptian deities.
  • Donation minimum per vote is $1 USD.


  • Go to the donation page.
  • Select the one-time donation button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • You will be taken to a PayPal donation screen. Once there, find the “+” symbol. Select the “+” symbol and write a note containing “Praises of Netjer Contest 2016” and the name of the deity you wish to cast your vote for.
  • Review your information carefully, then select the “send/donate” button. You will receive an email confirmation for your donation shortly thereafter. Keep this for your tax records — remember that these donations are tax-deductible!

You can keep track of the votes on the leaderboard, which is updated each day.

The contest runs until May 30th. Don’t hesitate to cast your votes!

This year, I’m voting for my “Great Father,” Amun-Re! Who will you be voting for?