Hi. I’m a Shit at Blogging.

I’m terribly behind on my posts, and the messages sitting in the email account attached to this blog. For those of you who have sent me private correspondence and/or have asked for research assistance, I sincerely apologize for my failure to respond in a timely manner. It’s not a particularly good excuse that I’ve been overwhelmed with independent research, “regular work and foundational/mando-fun studying,” and private life details. I’ve made time to derp around on facebook, participate in some not-so-organized group discussions, read some Scottish smut here and there, and pretend to be good at art-things, but not to keep up on KRT posts and the like. Shame on me for that, I guess.

I’m making some effort to play catch-up now with the KRT topics and unfinished drafts loafing and languishing on my queue, though I probably won’t be publishing all that much in the coming months. For the next few months, tentatively, I won’t be daring to tackle any additional research questions. However, if any of you would like to, and/or feel you can’t hold questions or thoughts for that long, you may still send me questions and suggestions to my blog email for me to handle at a later date — just don’t expect a horribly prompt response.

Please bear with me while I get my shit together (and acclimate myself to this highly user-unfriendly new word processing format WordPress has decided to implement).

- Sard


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